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Firedog Professional Vehicle Cleaning Kit

Knight Chemicals has experience in the chemical development, manufacturing and packaging industry that goes back more than 30 years. Through fine attention to detail, quality and ongoing demands we are able to offer a variety of premium products throughout many industries.

Here at Knight Chemicals we always keep watch for opportunities that will allow us to expand our operations. This brought us to the Fire & Rescue Industry where a lack of focus has occurred regarding the availability of cleaning products and accessories.  The team at Knight Chemicals decided to embark on an extensive research and development process, and in 2010 launched FireDog™ Cleaning Products, a line of premium cleaning products and accessories geared specifically towards the Fire & Rescue Industry.

With a new addition to our lineup, our primary goal continues to be keeping our customers completely satisfied with our products and service. We achieve all that has been stated through the commitment of core values, the highest ethical standards and by seeing each of our commitments through to the very end. We would like to THANK YOU for your consideration, and look forward to hearing from you!


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